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Why do so many college girls like bad boys so much?
Both high school and college girls do. I was talking to my friend that's a girl and she said she doesn't like wuss's and says I'm not one but likes really tough guys. Like she hates when people call her beautiful or an angel she rather have a guy tell her how great her boobs look. She even told me she dumped a guy after he bought her flowers after a few weeks of dating. I thought that was shallow and in a way kind of mean. Being to nice... I'm a sensitive guy but I don't let people take advatnage of me. I'm not soft spoken but have am respectful to women and not a jerk.

Why is this? That so many high school/college girls like the "Bad Boy?" They're seriously just going to wind up getting hurt.
WOW! That is crazy that she doesn't like that. I would much rather have a guy that tells me I'm beautiful and an angel then tell me "hey baby you have nice boobs" Also send me FLOWERS i love flowers! I don't care if he would send them to me the day he asked me out!

I would take a sensitive guy who yeah may cry at a movie or pick a song that is "ours" any day over a rough tuff jerk guy that has no respect. Don't worry about being "To Nice" girls that don't want that are just desperate and have zero respect for themselves.
I am beginning to notice that alot of Young College Girls are starting to become Call Girl Escorts for extra?
money. My question to you Ladies is, if these College Girls that are beautiful and educated are selling sex for money, how would you separate yourself from these type of women, when these women are gone to represent are future. How would a man tell the difference between a good girl & bad girl.
Here's a secret, this isn't a new concept...been around for thousands of years...and who determines the concept of good and bad? Is screwing old people out of their retirement good? That's how a lot of "good" people make money.
Is college full of bad girls?
If you have a dorm, will you only get bad girls? thats what ive heard...i wanna go to asu
no. not all girls in college dorms are bad but they're not all good either. now if you're talking about a "dorm girl",you're gonna see alot of bad girls.most of the girls are happy to be away from home anway. (i know )

i'm telling you dude..most girls that live in dorms do not bullshit. a dorm girl is one of the biggest pimps on campus..just say they keep a rolodex file.they want to experiment with everything and everbody because have that freedom. are you ready for that?

my first semester i f.cked up because of girls,partying and drinking etc..
at dorm parties where girls presented themselves to sounds like you're looking for (dorm girls)
you need to chill because they can spot a "green hornet" a mile away.

i'm not trying to tell you to not have fun at college because it's a be party's just that the girls high school are not the same in college.

just chill your first semester and see how things work out.
What exactly is going on in teenage / college girls' minds? Why do so many go for bad guys?
Is it just an age thing? Are college girls just less prone to picking the nice, respectful guy who spoils her? Do they generally just want wild romps, with no care for long, steady relationships?

Then there are the girls who complain and complain about their horrible boyfriends - even ones who abuse them, hit them. Yet the girls keep going back to them. Why?

No hard feelings, girls. Just curious as to what is going on in your minds.
There are actually a few reasons:

A) Gender Roles: Women are much less prone to going after guys. In almost all societies, it is the man who goes after the women. The majority of guys who are going to strike up a conversation (and get their foot in the door) are extroverted, confident guys. Introverted guys don't really have the initiative to go up to a girl they find interesting or appealing. Introverted, shy, cautious guys are thus less prone to getting the girl, based on the fact that they don't bother.

On a side note, overly confident people in general, who over estimate their self-efficacy, are the types of people who don't learn from their shortcomings and mistakes (after all, they think they are perfect, so any failure isn't because of them, it is because of the situation they were in.) Because of that, the overly confident people are usually the most likely to be the 'horrible' ones, who are stubborn and arrogant.

B) Instinct. The most dominant traits women look for in men are tall, strong, confident, determined, competitive, etc. It's all subconscious, really, but women just prefer those over short, intelligent, understated, respectful, cautious, open-minded men. It's redundant in the Common Era, but really, humans are still wired to be in the "fighting mountain lions for food" type of environment, where a tall, strong, competitive man would be much more apt to keep them and their offspring alive.

Those are just a few of the biological and societal reasons, a few other reasons are fun, exploring what they want in a mate (the art of dating), etc etc
College girl depressed, bad grades, no father-please help!?
I have intense anxiety these days and maybe I am depressed-not sure. I have very few moments when I experience joy these days and people tell me I don't smile enough anymore. I wake up at night with bad dreams and sometimes a thought just occurs to me about the situation that is my life and I panic.

My parents were in an on/off whirlwind my entire guyhood and I would go months at a time without seeing my dad. To me, he was there or he wasn't and I never "missed him" because he just wasn't a permanent fixture in my life. What is weird is how attached I always was to him(I always loved him more than my mom) and he used to spoil me when he WAS around. And when he wasn't-he just wasn't. He left for the last time when I was a freshman in high school....I never made the connection(maybe there isn't one) but my grades have steadily declined since then from a 4.0 to a C average. I do not trust men and I do not understand them. I have an extremely difficult time opening myself up and talking to them(even if I really do like them!) I feel like I don't have control over anything in my life-no job, bad grades, in debt....IDK what happened to me but I don't want to live life this way...I have been toying with the idea of seeing a therapist but can't pay for it right now...Advice?
Do you not have free councilors at your college? Sounds like you are suffering from general anxiety disorder, might be depression. Not enough info to really tell.

Should definitely see a pro about this.

Watch out for borderline personality disorder.
Are spontaneous dates better than planned dates? (question for college girls)?
So instead of saying, "Hey, wanna have dinner with me on Thursday night?" , I randomly say, "Hey, lets go grab dinner right now!"

Is that actually better? Or worse? Girls, what do you prefer the time slot for a date when a guy asks you? My sister told me that planning a date 5 days away is "Creepy" haha. She says plan it sooner.
Spontaneous is more fun, although wouldnt class planning in advance as 'creepy', unless it was like 2 weeks away (:
Would a college accept someone was in the bad girls club?
just wanted to know because i kind of want to do that then go to law school
It depends on your grades and stuff. I But if you don't look too stupid on the show and if you have the grades and stuff Im sure they will accept you.
BTW I love that show!!
Is it true that middle school girls like 'rebels' or bad boys but college girls generally dont?
Im going to a four year next year and want to know what to expect...
Yes, its true. College girls are now college women,silly! They are more mature, more intelligent, and already, in general, know what they want in life.
Help! My younger sister is a "good girl gone bad" since starting college - Advice please?
Okay, my parents are never home (travel for work, they do business stuff) so I've been the role model and sort of caretaker for my sister who is 4 years younger (she is 17 and a freshie in college now).

Before, in high school, she was your typical good girl - no drinking (except for once in her whole life at prom night, and that was just tipsy. She also told me she then she didn't drink), no smoking/drugs, good grades, part of many clubs/sports, nice, friendly..etc.

However, since she started college, she has done a lot of things, and I'm a bit worried about her. For example, she's gotten drunk a few times or so (I think she's much more comfortable about alcohol now), she's grinded on a guy while dancing, and had him touch her all over (that is basically sex with clothes on!!!), she's started wearing the whole makeup package like eyeliner, mascara, foundation (not so worried here, just surprised at the quick change from no makeup at all),

Are all these things typical for a college student?

+ She still studies, but is there any way I can help guide her along the right path still while still giving her some of her well earned freedom? (She IS still 17 though, not 18 for another few months)
Let he be. She is exploring. You can't watch her all the time. She i growing up. she has her life to live . Just as you do. You can not stop her from being her. Its time for oyu to live your own life. And not worry abotu her. Let he come to her senses. I am sure you have done a few things in your life. No one knows about. Stop being her mother. and start being a sister.
Why do college girls get so trashed they just throw up? It's such a turn off and it's so pointless?
At so many college parties, obviously girls drink and I drink too. I get tipsy, but I know my limits...I'm not going to just go wild losing track and my grip on reality, yet this is exactly what I see so many girls doing. It's a shame, because it seems all the decent looking girls are the ones that just get trashed every weekend. I'm not like against drinking at all, I'm just against girls getting so bad that they look trashy and prevent opportunities to meet them, since they don't know what's going on. I can see getting drunk knowing your limits, but why get so bad that you're throwing up and pissing yourself girls? It's SO trashy to see that blahh.
Basically it comes down to maturity. As you get more mature then you realise that drinking til you puke is not the ideal fun night. Occaisionally it can happen but every time is not right. I went out with this girl one night and we were having drinks. After she got to about 5 or 6 she excused herself and went to the ladies room, where she puked, (I didn't know that at the time) we had a few more then she went again. I had drank 9 and went to go to the mens room and she asked if I was going to puke to???? I said no I am going to pee, why? And then she told me of her trips to the ladies room. I was very disappointed in her. So I drove her home banged the hell out of her drunk azz and left her lying naked on her front lawn to sleep it off. The neighbors called the cops in the morning when guys were going to school and she was arrested for public intoxication and drunkiness, and indecent exposure. She and I never spoke again after that. Hopefully she matured after that experience.

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