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Anyone remember when seeing a fat person was a rare occurance?
We had one fat girl at in my entire school. She would be considered thin by today's standards.

People want to blame weight on genetics but it used to be that no one (except that one odd girl and some Grandmas) was fat. If you saw one fat person in the mall you stared because it was so unusual to see a fat person.

What has happened?

I was born in 1963
I was born in 1963 too and yes you are right. People's weight has gone up like uuuuuppppppp ! :-)
And Fat has become PHAAAT ! Kabooom !
Whats the world coming to ! :-(
How can i make myself feel better about how fat i've got?
Here is a before pregnant picture i56.photobucket.com/albums/g196/p…

Here is a 1 or 2 months pregnant picture i56.photobucket.com/albums/g196/p…

and here is now 30 weeks i56.photobucket.com/albums/g196/p…

omg! I look like a fat grandma! I am so depressed after seeing this picture that i just want to go ahead and cut this baby out myself, or hide under my covers in sweats. I am growing out of my maternity clothes for gods sake! I keep calling in, I keep being depressed. All I want to do is have this baby and lose weight.

Can you guys see the difference? Can you understand how upset i am? Can you help me feel better? No wonder my husband doesnt make "whoopee" with me anymore. I don't blame him. I look like a freakin' beached whale!
Well... I've been there, done that and got the picture. It isn't easy, but your baby is worth ever inch around that tummy. Trust me... I still am 15lbs heavier than before having him and hes 18 months old. It bothers me some only because I can't wear my awesome clothes. But I have a gourgeous, happy, healthy little guy that is my life... Thats all that really matters to me. Hang in there gf. It comes off.
Have you ever seen a FAT cat in Grandma's basement on it way to the pound and took it home ?
like i just did... ?

its a beast..but friendly.
When I was very young, Yes....!!
Why does my southern fried chicken not taste as good as grandmas?
I know I am doing about the same thing. I use flour, salt, pepper and buttermilk. I fry mine in lard. But grandma had a can on the back of the stove that she would get the grease out of. I think it was a mixture of bacon grease, lard and other fat from frying. Anyone out there that may be older than I am who can tell me what was in there. This all goes back to the days before everyone was afraid of not refrigarating everything. I am talking about back to the days of wood burning stoves and no refrigrator.
LOL yes - Grandma maybe left out one ingredient from you.

why not go to www.topsecretrecipes.com/home.asp - you may find one better than grandmas anyhow !

What do you do when someone calls you fat ?
My grandma keeps saying I'm fat & I know I'm not fat I've been called bony before... I don't know what to do :(
Help ? Please ?
My mom calls me fat. Haha, I know she means well, but when it comes to that - I just leave it at that, because I'm fine with who I am.
My friends call me skinny and once, boney - I guess, people see a difference, and you always see yourself as the same, which is good. ;) ♥
What movies/tv shows have a fat guy with a hot girl?
Another question on YA got me thinking of all the different movies and tv shows that have a fat/ugly funny guy with a really sexy or beautiful girl. So I'm trying to get a complete-ish list to show how our media has really pushed that kind of couple.

Just to start off the list and give an example..
Movies -
The Invention of Lying
Knocked Up
Grandmas's Boy
King of Queens
According to Jim
Superbad (kinda) lol
Honey Mooners
Family Guy
My dog is really fat, please help mee?
Ok so i have a dog and he is really fat because my grandma always gives him hamburgers and chicken and bacon. I tell her to stop but she always tells me to shut up. And my mom tried to put him on a diet but it aint working. She tries to put less in his food dish but nothing is happening. So if anyone has any ideas to help me please tell meee
He must stop having all the junk food or it will only get worse. Get your mom or dad to have a talk with her and tell her she is slowly killing your dog to keep feeding her burgers etc.

Put him on a good weight control food and give him lots od extra exercise.
I need to come up with a catchy little "poem" asking baby shower quests to bring a fat quarter to the shower?
I need to come up with a catchy little "poem" or ditty asking baby shower quests to bring a "fat-quarter" to the baby shower. The baby's grandma is going to use the "fat-quarters" that guests bring to make a community quilt for the baby. Anybody good with little ditties?
How do I lose the lower belly fat?
Im 16 and im 5'4 and 126 lbs and I was wondering If anyone has been succesful In loosing lower belly fat Im running 2.6 miles a day in the morning and I eat healthy cuz my grandma is in to that stuff but If any one has had great sucess with one or two things I would like to know ...Thanks
Do crunches that involve using your lower abs
For example...

Lie flat on your back
Now place your hands behind your head and bend your legs and bring knees to the point that they are pointing at the ceiling, with your feet off the ground. (that is not the move, this is the starting point.)
Then what the move is, crunch your upper body as if you were doing a normal crunch (bringing upper body far enough off the ground where your shoulder blades are no longer on the ground; typically no further), and simultaneously bring your knees in toward your upper body; almost meeting/touching your upper body, but not that far. And you are to use your lower abs to bring up your lower body towards your upper body; not your leg muscles. The move looks like you are curling up like a rolly polly bug.
-Then lower your upper body down to where it is on the floor and simultaneously lower your lower body down to it's starting point (still keeping feet off the floor, but knees pointed at ceiling.
-Repeat. And do the move to where it takes 2-3 seconds per each movement. About two seconds to raise, about 2 seconds to lower. It's quality, not quantity here.
(and don't strain your neck to lift up your upper body. ALL of the work should come from your abs pulling up your upper body/lower body.)
**Breath out as your make the crunch. Breath in as you lower**
Maybe start doing 2 sets of 25 a day? Stretch your abdominal area lightly before and after.

And fast paced walking 30+ minutes a day will help fight belly fat as well. Along with other types of abdominal crunches.

Don't forget portion control! Over-eating to max fullness every meal is too much for your body to handle.
Where can i find a fat camp for less than $800?
I am overweight and i need to get away from the fat food my grandma fixes everyday and lose weight.
Why dont you try the nutrisystem food program ..you could do it with that kind of money!

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