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Where Can i meet a Gay Chinese Man?
Is there even such a thing as gay and chinese
Simple: Chinese are great for take-away
How to find chinese gay men in US?
Hi, I like chinese men very much.Im an indian in US. I want to know how chinese gay men are located? any social networking site that they use? We indians find partners through orkut. Would chinese men like indians?
They are located anywhere chinesse men are located about 10% of them will be homosexual
What is a gay man's favourite dish from the local Chinese takeaway?
He likes to order won yun goy.
Thats crap
An Indian man kissed his friend a chinese man at the neck. The Indian man initially told his frienfelt guilty?
An Indian man kissed his friend who is a chinese man at the neck. The Indian man than told the Chinese man that he felt guilty about doing it. His Chenes friend told him that it is OK for him as he is an open minded person. The next week the Indian man kissed his Chinese man at the chhek and another week at the neck. So far no resistsnce. The question: is it a sign that the Chinese man is a gay?
I think it's probably more of a sign that the Indian man is gay. Which I assume is you.
If 10% of men are gay and 20% of men are Chinese, what are the odds that a man chosen at random?
spend his mealtime and free time while on his knees?…
Those probabilities seem a little low, though.
50% of men are gay, and 30% are Chinese.


(0.1)(0.2) = 0.02
If 10% of men are gay and 20% of men are Chinese, what are the odds that a man chosen at random spends his...? time and meal time down on his knees?

It's deep questions like this that I ponder throughout the day....
Chinese men have no choice but to experiment homosexuality since the male-female disparity is so big after one-guy policy.
How many chinese men are gay?
if 10% of men are gay and 20% of men are chinese how many chinese men are gay
Here is the population info. Just select the world. You do the math though, I am tired.
Ladies: Which is sexier..a French man, Spanish man, or Chinese man?
This is a poll for ladies. Men can answer too if you are gay!
Which man do you find sexier: a French man, Spanish man or Chinese man and why???? I want to hear some good answers.
A Korean one!!!
Ladies : Which is sexier a French man, Black man, Chinese man or Spanish man?
This poll is for Ladies and Gay men. Which of those ethnic men do you find attractive and pick one only and why?
I think all of them. It all depends on how the guy protrays himself. I like a man who is dressed nice, looks like he showers daily, and can be a gentleman, it doesn't matter if he's black, chinese, spanish of french.

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